Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 14: The Standard Works

March 14, 2016

Hola mi amigos!

Another week, another week! Lots of fun and lots of work!

This week was a good one. It all started when last fast Sunday we had a non-member girl get up to the pulpit to bear her testimony on prayer. We went to go talk to her after church but didn't end up catching her. Later on in the week, we asked the family she knows best in the ward what her situation is and apparently she wants to take the lessons from us, so I can see a potential baptism in store hopefully! Last week we also saw a security guy and another man trying to turn off their water heater after it had leaked all on the ground and in their house. Elder Barnes luckily had a pen just the right size to turn the lever somehow. After the guy saw us he thanked us and told us that we could come back any time to his home. He told us his name is Eric. Once we eventually came back to see him again, we found out he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the church is true and everything and we don't know why he is not baptized! We ran out of time to talk to him so we set up a return appointment with and we'll see how that goes.

Another investigator of ours that we set with a baptismal date had an appointment with us at 8pm at night. When we went to go stop by his house, his Mom told us that he was asleep. So as we drove back to go to our ward mission leaders house, we turn around and our investigator was right there! He apparently had heard us at the door, chased down our car, jumped a fence, and cornered us until we saw him. What a stud!

We had a Lip Sync for one of our wards here and it was a blast! Everyone in their auxiliaries did really well. We of course did a skit as well whether we wanted to or not, but in the end the skit went well. We did a skit off of the song "Humble Way" from Saturday's Warrior. I honestly really didn't feel like doing a skit in the beginning, but in the end it was great!

What a great week! This last week's challenge was to buy and give a set of scriptures to an investigator, so I ended up giving it to our investigator who chased down our car. This next week's challenge is actually already completed as it was to write to all the missionaries serving in our home ward! Woo!

Love y'all! Stay true and faithful and have a great week!

Elder Cline Nevada Las Vegas West May 2014 - 2016

Photo for the week is one that came in a separate email:

Elder Cline found fresh grass and was super excited about it. Apparently it's pretty rare in Las Vegas in March.

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