Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Happy almost holidays! Halloween is right around the corner! This week has been pretty amazing. Especially because yesterday (the 13th) was my first day on bike on the mission! It was super fun! Since our roommate Elder Heidinger got an injury on his arm and since Elder Darby is his comp, they got to have our car and we got to take their bikes for the week and probably for longer. The great thing is, I feel more like a missionary actually riding on bike though! It may take us 30 minutes to get home but that's the fun of it!

The ward is moving forward and everyone is excited about the work here! I cannot express to you how much we just LOVE our ward! - Elder Cline + Clapp

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Birthday, Conference, Shadow, Ties and Transfers

General Conference was great! So many great speakers and so much wisdom! I especially liked the Priesthood Conference Choir because I got to see Elder Christian Martin singing in it! I saw him and I had to do a double take! I'm sure he's enjoying his time in the MTC! As an update from the past two weeks since I finally remembered my camera this week, it rained quite a bit last week. If you look at the pictures, you can see a motorcycle and a car like halfway underwater. And that wasn't even the worst of it! Our car would have gotten stuck if our car lights hadn't been on getting out of our apartment cause it was flooded!
The same day we were visiting a family in the ward and their CRAZY dog Shadow kept jumping on us and was just hyper. As a distraction, I grabbed a hold of his tail and got him to bite his own tail. We took pictures right at the right moment as well. It looks tight.
It was Elder Clapp's birthday this week and he got a LOT of birthday treatment. In the morning he was given a huge breakfast with everything you could possibly want and he was given something by every person we visited that day and at night he got a package from his parents and was able to pick up a cake at Albertsons. Not to mention we all went to Yogurt Land. He was awesomely spoiled.
When transfer calls came in this week our District Leader Elder Hutchings got a call as Zone Leader (which means he has to leave this zone) and as such we ended up with one of our chairs becoming a pile of sticks. He didn't want to leave us. We love him. Also, Elder Clapp and I are staying for this transfer, my 4th transfer! So glad!
My tie collection has grown exponentially, especially from the ties Mom has sent me. 3 of the ones she has sent are untradeable just because they're so amazing. After tie trades from this week, I know got rid of all the ties that were torn or were bad quality and almost have 50 ties that I absolutely love! I think my most favorite is an Egyptian tie I got from DI. I'll send a picture with that as well.
It's been a great week and lots of progress has been made! This month should be a good one! Till next time, - Elder Cline