Monday, April 27, 2015

Nearly a Year! A Trip to Mount Charleston

Hello everyone! These past couple weeks has been an adventure! For one, our zone got to go to Mount Charleston recently. It was pretty cool and the sights were beautiful. Although we didn't get to stay for very long, we did get to have the experience.
The work has been going well and transfers are coming up this week. We're expecting for Elder Chesler to leave and a new Elder to come in since Elder Chesler has been in this area for a whopping 4 transfers now. We'll see what happens I guess. If so, this will be my sixth companion in my third area still. Also, the time has come where my year mark is almost here. About 3 more weeks and I will be half way done with my mission in Vegas. Time really does fly. Nothing much to report other than that. Shoutout to my family, the Herrera's, and Elder Shearer for sending me great emails this week! I love all y'all! - Elder Cline

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Transfers: Grand Teton and Cedar Springs!

March 30th, 2015

Hello again! The sun continues to get warmer, and the teaching pool continues to get bigger! I got the information this week that I am actually covering two wards here in the Elkhorn Springs Stake: the Grand Teton Ward and the Cedar Springs ward! It was awesome getting to know new people from each ward this Sunday. We have 5 hours of church each Sunday because of the two wards which is new. Transfers came and went. A lot of missionaries went home that I knew and the number of new missionaries I have never seen before increasingly gets bigger.

Posing with the departing missionaries

My trainee, Elder Clapp, is training once again, although this time he is not just half-training (meaning getting a companion after his first transfer), he gets to be the "official" first companion of his trainee's mission. He is now training Elder White. In the picture from left to right, we have Elder Victory (My Trainer), Elder Cline, Elder Clapp (My Trainee) then Elder White (Elder Clapp's trainee). In the other picture we have Elder Gray who was half trained by Elder Clapp. Our posterity is growing!
Our new apartment is awesome and has a great view. In my first area, I remember coming to the apartments I am at now and I thought "man, I wish I live here instead!" and now, I get that privilege. We live with Elder Stoker and Elder Bogle.

View from our new apartment

This week Elder Chesler and I basically prepped the area for the next coming weeks. After splitting up our area into different sections and colors, we assigned ward members according to their respective areas and we have gone to visit them. Not only does this save miles for our car, but it saves time as well. Speaking of a car, I still have only been on bike for 1 month of my mission so far, and it was during the best time of the year so we've been ok as far as the heat goes.

Elders Chesler and Cline

That's about it for this week. Many things in store for later! Love all Yall! - Elder Cline NLVWM

New Companion and Lots of Photos

March 23rd, 2015 Well, this week did not go as expected. It was interesting... First off, I am going to be a district leader in the Elkhorn Springs stake, in northern Las Vegas! I was kinda bummed to leave the singles ward, but I have heard the new ward I am going to, the Grand Teton ward, is super awesome. My new companion is going to be Elder Chesler who I don't know yet. Transfers will be tonight (March 23rd). I have been with Elder Shearer for over 13 weeks now which makes him my longest companion yet, and it's crazy to leave him. I'll miss that boy! The work here was/is going great as well as the work is in my last ward, Meadows 4th! In fact, Austin Smith was baptized a member of the church this Saturday. In October last year, when Elder Clapp and I were first on bike, we accidentally passed by a street we were supposed to turn on. It was weird because we just kept biking the wrong way for some reason. All of the sudden we hear out of the dark night "Hey... Brothers!" and then " Hey, we want to learn!" Our bikes turned around pretty quickly towards the direction of the noise. A family of 7 was out on their porch, waiting to hear what we're all about, and the rest is history. Austin, who's in high school, is the first to get baptized, will get the Priesthood soon, and hopes to baptize the rest of his family when they're ready. We're so proud of him and I am glad I got to be there at his baptism.

Going back to Meadows for Austin's baptism

Everything turned out great. It was also interesting this week that my first companion Elder Victory went to be Assistant to our Mission President this week as well. I'm happy for him.

Miscellaneous Photos from Vegas

Awesome Vegas Scenery

Bishop and Sister Duckworth and I

Ciera our recent convert and Us

Jacob and I

Mackenzie L. and Us

Talbot and I

The Amazing Billy's Barbecue

The Amazing Larsens and I

Vegas Cars...

The Mannings and Us

Zach and I

Hope everyone else had a great week and I hope to hear from y'all soon. Keep the faith! - Elder Cline