Monday, September 29, 2014


This week it rained really hard! Our apartment complex was hard to drive through and we saw cars half under water with all the rain we had. There was one appointment we went to that I was like "Ok, we'll get out and run to the door on the count of three. One, TWO, THREE!!! We jumped out of the car and got sopping wet within like 2 seconds! It was pretty bad. We were lucky they answered the door. I also got a couple "boo boo's" this week. We were playing football and my shoes were worse than just going barefoot. I ended up catching a 20 yard pass right in the beginning of the game but then as I was 5 feet away from the touchdown line with a guy running right behind me I slipped and my knee and hip hit the ground. I slid. I now have two huge cuts. It's okay though, even though I was dripping blood for a while without any bandages, I still played out the rest of the game! It was great... Still lots of improvements to be made in our ward but we're lighting up the place! Stay strong everybody! - Elder Cline

Monday, September 22, 2014

Keep Moving Forward! All About Connie's Baptism

Dear my loving friends and family, This week I know will be one of the most memorable weeks of my mission, if not the most. Our investigator Connie Painter got baptized this past week. It was an amazing experience for us, but more importantly for her. Elder Victory and I with a member, Brother Robison first met Connie August 4th. She told us that she had completely lost her faith and that everything that had been happening to her had basically just been a mess. That day we taught her the Restoration lesson, which began to change her life and the way she thought about life. We continued to teach her the Book of Mormon lesson afterwards and she took it with an open heart. Elder Victory got to see Connie come to church for the first time the day before he got transferred out of our zone and I got my new companion. After she was welcomed in to the ward and became her new family, she said "I found my new home." After Elder Clapp got in the area, we continued to teach Connie about the Word of Wisdom which she had a hard time with because she had been smoking ever since she was little. After one week of continuing to smoke she decided it's time for her life to change and she smoked her last cigarette. Though it was very hard for her, she's been 2 weeks clean and a happy person from it and she has changed. On September 20th and 21st, 2014, Sister Painter was baptized and confirmed, respectively, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Elder Clapp and I were very happy for her and she went into tears as it all happened. After she got confirmed with the Holy Ghost, she told us later on that night that a warm feeling had came over her during the confirmation that was so peaceful and joyful. Never had I ever had such a firm testimony of the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. I know it's now present in her life.

Elder Cline, Connie, Elder Victory

Elder Cline, Connie, Elder Clapp

Connie seeing the baptismal font for the first time

Connie is someone that we will stay in contact with and will remember for the rest of both our lives because of her commitment to change and to become a better person; someone to take the name of Christ upon herself. For someone who had no faith before, she gained greater faith than we ever could have hoped for her and she is striving to be the best person she can. Going to the temple in one year is her goal. She also told us that she wants to be there when Elder Clapp and I get married. Hoorah. As we go about our lives, we need to remember how important Jesus Christ our Savior is. He suffered and died for us so that we can return to live back with our Heavenly Father again. He gave his all so that we could learn to move forward and become perfect in him and follow his Gospel. As we follow it, and keep the commandments, we can learn to love and become eternally happy. I hope everyone has a blessed week this week! As "Meet the Robinsons" reminds us: "Keep moving forward!" - Elder Cline

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sister Cline, Connie, and Y'all

So, I met Sister Cline in our ward this week! Funny story actually... so we went over at 8:30pm one night to her house because she hadn't answered at any other times during the other days we tried to visit. We woke her up but she was not unhappy to see us that late and she told us we could come over on a later day. I made sure to tell her that we might be related! So, we came over a day or two later and she let us in! Her daughter and son in law were there as well. It was just inspired by the Lord I got sent to this area! Anyways, she is a super awesome lady and it was so much fun meeting with her and their family. I told them we're practically family already. I hope to keep seeing them in the future.

In other news, Connie is getting baptized this Saturday, September 20th! She has quit smoking for 9-10 days already! It's been really tough on her but she says she is not going back. She's a new person! We had her baptismal interview on Sunday and the bishop announced her baptism at the pulpit. As long as she stays strong and keeps away from the cigarettes, there's nothing stopping her from being the newest member of the ward! We plan to meet with her every day this week until she is baptized. She's ecstatic and is ready to make a life change. I'm so proud of her!

Lastly, I've gotten a comment this week from a member of the ward I say "y'all" a lot. Just so my fellow Texans know, I ain't quitting saying y'all anytime soon!

Love Y'ALL! - Your friendly neighborhood Elder Cline

Monday, September 8, 2014

Progression Comes Through Obedience

This week has been one of the biggest weeks for us as far as stats go. We've got 3 baptismal dates set; 1 in September and 2 in October. We're hoping they all turn out great! Our investigator we've been working with the longest time (with a date), Connie, has been working to quit smoking and come to church for a 3rd time. Her baptismal date had to be pushed back because she has to come to church one more time and she's working but she loves the members of our ward and really has grown since we first saw her! She's keeping all the commandments (except word of wisdom which she's progressing in) and can't wait to get baptized! We also set our friend Maurice with a date this week. His family got baptized except him and his younger sister with whom we're working with right now! They're so great and he's a great athlete! We set Justin with a date as well this week. His dad has been trying to work with him but nothing progressed really until we had the first discussion with him! He totally opened up and we've really sparked something in him. There was some referrals that came in this week so we've been trying to contact them all. We're getting to it! Most have just not opened the door. But we're trying! The most important thing I learned this week is that prayers really can be answered and real progression can only come through obedience. I love everything that's happened this week and I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Love y'all and have a great week! Elder Cline

Monday, September 1, 2014

Elder Clapp's First Week in Vegas

Hello my amazing friends! Let me tell you these past two weeks have been a blast! This week I had the opportunity to start serving as a missionary trainer! I had been so anxious and nervous to get my new companion for a whole week, but when it finally happened and he burst through those doors, I knew that we were meant to be together as companions! I got Elder Clapp, fresh out of the MTC Monday. We at transfers were able to take a 4 generation picture at transfers with Elder Clapp, Me, My Trainer, and my Trainer's trainer. It's super cool!

Elders Ballard, Victory, Cline, and Clapp

Me and my mission parents

Elder Clapp is a funny guy and a hard worker. Just coming out of the MTC, he told me someone had mentioned my name. It turned out that one of my friends from college, now Sister Bills, was in the same zone as Elder Clapp was! So, we know we already had one mutual friend once we figured that out.

Me and Elder Clapp at transfers

It's been great training! Elder Clapp had his first street contact approach already and he did super. We have lots of ideas to put in place or the Meadows 4th Ward so the next 3 months we'll have together will be an awesome experience for both of us. I can't wait for what's in store!

- Elder Cline