Monday, August 31, 2015

Blog Number 1 Million... Or something like that

This week was a crazy ride, but we definitely enjoyed it.

#MountCharlestonvisit!!! For y'all who didn't know, all of Mount Charleston is in Elder Adams and I's area. It was a great trip and we had lots of fun. Not only did we get to go over to see the different people who we had planned for at Mount Charleston but we got to see a couple of sites as well. We visited the Mount Charleston visiting center as well as getting to look around a couple of abandoned homes. We went to go visit a couple of streets that had funny names as well on the way back home.

We're going to have a baptism going on this week for four people from the Piute reservation. They were tracked into from previous missionaries and we have the privilege of getting to be here for the baptism. We are super excited for their progress. As far as the work is going our ward is doing super well. We have others who are set with baptismal dates and lots of others we're looking to see the progress for soon. We moved out of our member's home and moved into an apartment complex… And it's the same apartment complex that I've lived in on my mission for 3 1/2 months already. It's OK though because is a good apartment complex. It's one of the nicer ones in the valley.

I'm just loving everything that's going on in our ward right now. Lots of success! Keep me updated with any new information about what's going on in y'all's lives. Thanks so much!

- Elder Cline

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tracting and a Surprise Visit

This week was pretty crazy with all the fun that went down. Tracting was our biggest success this week. It's not where you get your most success from everyday here but this week was the right week. We found a couple people from knocking on doors and we have our usual investigators of the church still continuing to learn. The wards here in Northern Las Vegas are just amazing. Everyone is awesome and pretty hilarious.
This week was a surprise for a missionary in the zone. One of this missionaries previous companions Elder Hartsock had gone home in June and just came back to visit without anyone knowing but my companion and I. So we set it up where the missionary in our zone got invited to a "move" in our area, and then would knock on the door of where Brother Hartsock is staying at. We ended up doing it, and it surprised him a lot. It was super good to see him. You may hear about him playing on the BYU basketball down the road, or you may have heard of his older brother Noah Hartsock who played for BYU basketball. I know them both now, and they are two pretty awesome dudes. The work is continuing and the field is ready to harvest. Every day we're preachin' it! Work hard and don't give up! - Elder Cline

Monday, August 3, 2015

Country Las Vegas!

Lots of new things to say, I'm excited to tell! I just left my ward and my companion last week, and I have 2 new companions in a new area! Elder Murphy and Elder Adams are my new companions because we're in a trio until Elder Murphy goes home in 2 weeks, the middle of the transfer. Elder Adams has been out for a little over 3 months so I will be his "polisher" or in other words, his second companion.

We're having lots of fun right now. We cover the Eagan Crest and Valley Vista wards in the Lone Mountain Stake. It's northern Las Vegas. There's a couple of cool things about this new area I am really enjoying.

One, lots of the people who live in our ward boundaries are in the "Piute Tribe", a type of American Indian tribe. We are teaching a couple people from the tribe.

Two, another thing is that it covers lots of dirt roads and the desert/country part of Las Vegas. I'm loving the new feel. I hope I stay in this area for a while.

Third, we're the only missionaries that cover Mount Charleston in our area because it's in our ward boundaries. We already went up there once to go check it out and see potential investigators. It was amazing and the sights are just a blast.

Keep the Faith!

Elder Cline