Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Tidings of Great Joy from the Missionary Training Center

Elder Cline and Elder Croysdale here again! 

We bring you great tidings of great joy that the gospel of Jesus Christ is soooo true! 

This week was a blast for us! First of all, we got to teach our progressing investigator here at the MTC named Peter and he is such an awesome guy! He has three kids and is from New Zealand! The first time we met Peter he was so kind to us and welcomed us in. He didn't believe in God or Jesus Christ but was glad to hear our message! We didn't get to teach him much the first and second lesson, mainly because he was such an interesting guy and we liked to hear his stories, but now that we have gotten to teach him about The Book of Mormon, God, Jesus Christ, the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Atonement and so forth he has begun to have faith, and now has told us he believes in Jesus Christ and God and is reading the Book of Mormon! I think we're going to schedule a baptism date for today! We are so happy for him!

Every time I see the Houston Texas South missionaries I get over excited and shake their hands every time! Again, don't forget to look out for Elder Allen and Elder Webster! They arrive June 3!

Classes are going wonderfully and our whole district is so excited to get to go to the field on Monday, June 2, including my companion and I! We'll be in Las Vegas and out of the MTC in 3 days! We're so excited! 

Elder Cline, Elder Croysdale, with Las Vegas West missionaries at the MTC

Elder Cline, his companion, and his district

This week was also the most uplifting I have had in my entire life. The spirit has put words in our mouths, and we are able to teach others with the spirit's words!

And just a reminder from everyone... It's our purpose to invite others to Christ! Tell someone about the gospel this week. It can help them!

Can't wait to hear how y'alls lives are going! 


Note from Elder Cline's mom, Kathy:

If you would like to write to Elder Cline, you can reach him currently at  stephen.cline@myldsmail  dot  net  

Since he gets sent to the field in Las Vegas on Monday, I don't have his new address yet.   It is his birthday this week on June 3rd, so it would be great for him to get some mail wishing him a great day!  He would love to hear from you.  :)   

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