Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello World!

Hello World! It's another bright and happy day in Las Vegas! This week was super fun! Mainly because Elder Victory and I focused this week a lot on community service. We were able to help one sister out in the ward to clean her over, her floor, her toilet, and her bathroom. She was so thankful for it. She gave us strawberry soda. We also did service for another lady in our ward: Sister Tomlinson. Sister Tomlinson is so awesome, I have to say. She's a lady from Jamaica and has a heavy Jamaican accent. She's always got a smile on her face and says things like "Yea Man!" all the time. She's so funny! We got to take stuff out of her shed. Most of the stuff she said will go to D.I. The rest will either be thrown away or go back in her shed. She allowed us to pick a couple items out of her shed that we could have. I got an old school phone and Elder Victory found a bag of some African/Jamaican clothes he later tried on when he got home. He now wears them to play basketball and at the apartment sometimes saying "Yea Man!" and other vocabulary with a Jamaican accent.
Elder Cline's companion, Elder Victory

Elder Victory serenading Elder Bananas, the monkey they use to practice lessons on 

 This week for contacting people didn't go so well... Not because we were not out trying... it's because nobody was answering their door. There was one lady that I was excited to visit because in the ward directory it said her name was "Sister Cline". I've never met someone outside of my family with my last name spelled like "Cline" and not "Klein"! We went over to go see her and even saw that she had a "Cline Home" board above her door but she didn't answer. I was really bummed about it. Maybe this week i'll meet her. Can't wait for the adventures of this week! I'll have been out for one month of my mission on Saturday!

Until next Monday! - Elder Cline

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