Sunday, June 8, 2014

Arrival in Las Vegas: VICTORY!!!

Hello Texanians and other friends!

It's good to be in the mission field! I have finally arrived to my most favorite place in the world (aside from my great home state of Texas): Nevada Las Vegas West! Monday Elder Croysdale and I got up at 3:25 AM to finish our packing and so we could make it on time to the bus heading to the Salt Lake City airport. The bus ride up there was interesting. Although everyone was super tired, we all were awake enough to express our feelings of excitement and to be heading to the mission field and to sing our favorite church hymns.

At the airport we said our last goodbyes to the missionaries that were in our district not heading to Las Vegas. I'll Elder King, Elder Handley, Sister De Kock, and her companion for their outstanding excellence :D

Farewell to missionaries leaving on transfer day

Anyways we got to meet our new Mission President, President Alhander and his wife after we touched down in Las Vegas! They were super happy to see us and boy was I happy to be there and meet them! We ate breakfast at his the mission president home then got to get in the car and drive to the church where we would have a couple hours of safety videos on driving a bike... haha but it was fun.

The best part about that day though... was meeting our new companions! about 200 - 300 missionaries gathered in a room to wait for us to come in. Our new companion would call our name and it was our job to burst through the doors to see who we were going to be spending every second of the day with for the next 12 weeks. When it came for my turn I burst through the doors and ran up to give my new companion a huge hug while everyone cheered with excitement for us! I was privileged to get ELDER VICTORY! Man, what a happy Elder! So he's my official trainer for the next 12 weeks and he's got to be the most fun guy I have ever met! And, dare I say it... serving with him has been a victory so far! Also to mention, Elder Gray who is serving in the Bear Creek 1st Ward told his Dad to come to the event and I got to give his Dad a hug and tell him how much of a great job his son was doing back in Houston South! The world seems so small sometimes!

Elder Cline and his new companion Elder Victory

We ended up going to drop off our stuff in our new apartment and we got to go meet our first investigator of the area! We went and saw Carl & Larry, two Vietnam War veterans! They are super fun and super outgoing guys! They let us look at their front and back yard to see how it looks and we are willing to help them move around some stuff and help them with anything they need. We then went to a ward party where we found out what ward we will be serving in, which is the Meadows 4th Ward! Meeting the members at the party was awesome and they all seem really fun, loving people! We even got to share a spiritual thought with some non-members at the end! It went great!

Elder Cline and Elder Victory's apartment 

Since then Elder Victory has been working hard to teach me as best as he can! He's gotten me even more excited than I was to be here in the Nevada, Las Vegas West mission! He's the best! Everything has been moving so fast I have no time to relax anymore! Can't wait until we get to teach investigators more and share the gospel! In a couple weeks we might get Ipads and the chance to post Mormon messages on Facebook if everything works out. We'll see!

Elder Victory (father), Elder Holland (grandfather), Elder Cline (son)

Have a good day and be sure to remember to pray to thank God for what he's done for you in your life! I love y'all!

- Elder Cline

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  1. Uh, actually... I was Elder Ballard, not Holland.... - guy in the middle