Monday, January 26, 2015

Close to the Strip

What a beautiful day it is to be in Vegas!

The sun is shining bright and it is a brand new day! The week went pretty good and there is much work that is still to be had in Vegas! Our main investigator had the opportunity to attend FHE, Institute, and Church! He loved them all and loves the social aspect of it a lot. We hope to see him again for FHE again tonight. It's really a miracle! For FHE last week we got to play dodge-ball and we were encouraged to play in our missionary clothes and name tag. Although for the first half of the event we chose not to participate, we were eventually influenced by the persuasion of the two wards who were there and we played 3 quick games with them. We were all having a blast. It was a great activity! Institute really caught my interest as well. I learned a ton.

I never really have told how close we are to the strip in our area so I thought I would attach a picture. If we drove less than 10 minutes past our area, we could be on the strip. I have more pictures yet to come of the pictures we took yesterday. It's really cool because with the area we have, we get to see the glamorous view of the strip as we drive to and fro. It really is a beautiful sight. I imagined having this great of a view of Vegas before my mission, and now we get to see it every single day. I am so glad we are here.

If you haven't heard from before, Elder Shearer and I are in a singles ward. The benefit of being in the singles ward is that for one, our ward is ridiculously huge (bigger than some missions in Utah even), and two, everybody is young and on fire! I'll attach a photo of our ward to show you really how huge the area is. It's marked in blue.

Other than that life is going swell. For February, we have a couple of new implementations so it will be exciting! Will see all of yall later!

- Elder Cline

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