Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Heating Up in Vegas

March 3-9, 2015 Hello again! It's another beautiful day down in Vegas! The cool breeze has come and gone, and the Vegas heat is almost back again! This week has been an amazing ride, and the work here is definitely a thrill. We have had an amazing couple weeks, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! First of all, it's scary to know that after this transfer (March 23rd) and the next transfer (May 4th)ends, all the missionaries I have known that came out a year before me are all going to be home, and my group of missionaries will all be at a year. It's also been weird that getting close to 10 months now, people have started calling us "veterans" in the mission... I am not even at a year yet people, come on!

Elder Koluse from Tonga who just went home

Elder Shearer and I have found a common interest in ties these past couple transfers and keep changing which ones we like the best and which ones we are going to wear the most. I've found that gray, blue, red, and black are the colors of ties I love most. I have to tell you, It's hard to pass up some good looking ties at the stores a lot of the time.

Elder Shearer and I in front of the church

Our main investigator of the church, Biunca Tables, is just flat out the bomb diggity. She was referred to us by some missionaries over in the East Mission, and I have seen that she is one of the most, if not the most prepared individual to hear the gospel. Having a knowledge of just God and Jesus Christ before, we helped her to understand about the truths of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost, and the main points of the Church. She gained a testimony so quickly, and I know the Lord is proud of her for her faith. She is getting baptized by our Bishop, Bishop Duckworth this Saturday. She's so excited for her baptism! The work is hastening and the gospel is true! Never forget that! Jesus Christ lives and latter-day prophets lead and guide the church. I have a testimony of that. I love all y'all! Keep it cool, in Texas, Utah, Idaho, or wherever y'all other people are! - Elder Cline NLVWM

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