Monday, January 12, 2015

The Gospel... Every Day we're Preachin' it!

Note from Elder Cline's mom:

Here's the last two blogs... all caught up now!

Jan 5, 2015:

Hello everybody once again! Crazy experiences were had yesterday!

For one, one of our investigators Jennifer got up to speak and bear her testimony during fast and testimony meeting even though it was her first time at church! It was awesome! Not only that, she feels welcome in our church and can't wait to become the next newest member of the Spanish Trail YSA ward.

We also had something really cool happen to us last night. Last week we ran into a guy named Franchesco on the street who was helping his daughter try out her new toy for Christmas (one of those mini cars). We got to know him for a little bit and then handed him a card. He gave us his address number and after asking him, he told us we could stop by sometime. He seemed like a nice guy. Yesterday we went to go knock on his door and his wife answers. We told her we met Franchesco and that we would like to come in and share a message about our church. She said "Please, come in, it's cold outside!" We went in, got to know them and taught the Restoration lesson. Everything went perfectly. We asked his wife to pray afterwards to know if these things are true and she got an answer! We set up a return appointment. After we got out of the house Elder Shearer and I looked at each other and practically screamed with excitement. Unfortunately, we have to hand them off but it's these types of moments on your mission that gets you excited to talk with everyone.

P.S. - Happy 2015 everybody! Till next week,

- Elder Cline

Jan 12, 2015:

Hello, my good friends and family,

This week has been a blast (as always). Our investigator Jennifer is set with a baptismal date and is just rockin and rollin. We see her all the time and she is very ecstatic. I really do know that Elder Shearer and I were meant to talk to her at the library the one first day we met her. We also have a bunch of people in our ward who are super good to us, feed us well and keep the work going. A new year of missionary work has begun!

As I have pondered my time as a missionary so far and as I come up on a third of my mission being gone next week, I have grown a little scared of that day when my mission will come to an end. Never did I think an 8 month period would pass by this quickly. I've learned so much about my life and I have met so many people here that I have truly cared for and will stay in contact with for the rest of my life. The great thing is, I still have two thirds to go. I still have time to change what I could have improved on in the past, as do we all. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can be cleansed of sin and we can look towards the future with a smile. I know it to be true, and I know this gospel to be truth!

(Every Day We're Preachin' it! Get the Reference?)

- Elder Cline

The Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

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