Sunday, July 27, 2014


Tallllooooooffa! Hello my friends and family! My 2 month mark was today! I'ts so cool that my days of being trained are more than half way over. I'll attach pictures of my "Mission Dad" Elder Victory.

Me and My Mission Dad, Elder Victory

I've learned so much these past few weeks and I can teach the first 3 lessons along with the Book of Mormon lesson a lot better than I could before. I don't know if I told you this before, but we're probably going to get missionary mini ipads soon! That means most of the area books, traveling books and records are just going to be digital now. Mostly everything except planners from what I have heard. I can't wait! We got new Elders and Sisters in our zone. We also got new roommates; Elder Heidinger (Alberta, Canada) and Elder Clark (Ogden, Utah). It's fun having them with us, and they are excited to do missionary work.

Elders Heidinger and Clark

Transfers Day

From L to R: Elder Patterson (transferred) Elder Cline, Elder Matheson (transferred), and Elder Murphy

We've been visiting a lot of less-actives still. Apparently, I've been getting more forward with my commitments. There's a potential investigator we have now and I really hope things can go well and that she will remember her appointment to have us over for us to teach her the first lesson. I'll give more details on that next week.

Apartment Unity

We also had another family that invited us over for dinner and they had two non-members over with them. After dinner, we taught the first lesson and I felt the spirit more strongly than I ever have on my mission teaching a lesson. I felt loved and at peace, and our teaching just fell into place. I hope Elder Victory + I have more experiences for this most likely last transfer we have together. Love All Y'all! - Elder Cline

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