Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello Again from Elder Cline!

This week was a great week. We got to attend a ward breakfast in hope that at least 100 people would show... we got around 50 people or less there but I would say it was a good success! The more time I spend with the Meadows 4th Ward the more I come to love them. Our ward council has a different variety of personalities but they all mesh together somehow to organize and plan effectively. July 4th! For my first holiday in the field, It was pretty awesome! It was actually the first day i've been in Vegas that it rained! Sweet sweet rain! For Independence Day we got to watch a variety of movies... Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, The Best Two Years, The RM, and Suits on the Loose. My companion and I along with another companionship ended up watching Frozen and The Best Two Years (although I wasn't too excited to watch Frozen considering how many kids I have heard singing the songs of it here). It was good though. The Best Two Years is probably my favorite Mormon movie, and there's a lot in it that resembles real life in the mission field. One way that I know that I have been blessed in the field is all the donations we have received from members and non-members here. It's such a blessing. There's so many members here that see us and want to do things for us and it's just great. We've also gotten a lot of donations from non-members because they love that we're out here trying to bring others closer to Christ. They're wonderful people. I would give all of them a hug if I could. I thought I was finally able to get my camera to be recharged this week but it died and the cord I have for it apparently doesn't work. I'm getting a little frustrated with it but hopefully I can find out where I can get a recharger for it soon. Thanks for reading and have a great day! - Elder Cline

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