Monday, July 21, 2014

Just Call Me Calvin

Good day my fellow brothers and sisters! It's been a wonderful week out here in Las Vegas as always. We got to street contact the other day and met Walter. He's a Catholic and was wondering about our church. We got to explain to him what we believe, why we believe it, and we answered a lot of his questions. We also got to visit a family and taught a lesson on keeping our bodies clean after the mother said her young daughter was picking items off the cat that shouldn't be touched with bare hands. It was an interesting lesson. We had tie trades this week and I got to have free new ties since it's my first tie trades. I got some really awesome ones and I had to sacrifice one of my special ones but it was worth it. I now have 30 ties.
Some ties during tie trades
Our missionary roommates are going to both be gone today so we're also getting two new ones today! Elder Pyron gets sent home because his two years are up today. He's also been Elder Vic and I's companion for the last three days. We also got to see Autumn, an investigator get baptized. She was being taught by Elder Pyron and they committed her to be baptized about two months ago. As for transfers, I have a lot of friends moving to a different area but as for me and Vic we're staying put.
Saying goodbye to Elder Pyron
Saying goodbye to Elder Patterson
Missionary Lesson Role-Plays with a wig (Left, Elder Patterson, Middle, Elder Pyron, Right, Elder Murphy)
My new mission planner, "Tommy in the Woods"
Lastly, I've acquired a nick-name this past two weeks. "Calvin" seems to be it, and you could probably guess why if you know your underwear brands. I hope everyone's had a great week. Love all y'all!!! - Elder Cline

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