Monday, March 16, 2015

Keepin' the Faith

This week was quite an experience, and a joy. First off, our investigator Biunca Tables was just baptized a member of the church by our Bishop, Bishop Duckworth. I thought I might share a little bit of her story as best as I know it.
We met Biunca from a referral given to us. Missionaries in the other Vegas mission had run into her while she was driving her friend home. While the friend told Biunca she didn't have to talk to us and related to her how they were just out sharing a message of Christ, Biunca was intrigued and talked to them. Once she was referred to us, we went up to her door one night, knocked, and what seemed like the happiest most outgoing person stepped outside. We talked with her for a while, set up a day to come back and left. Once she started taking the lessons, she started soaking in all the information like a sponge. She began to know everything we taught her. Only knowing of God and Jesus Christ before hand, we shared the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Plan of Salvation, Temples and so much more to her as new information. As she read, and prayed and went to church, she felt the spirit more than ever in her life, has prayed more than ever in her life, and came to know of the messages' truth. She was baptized 2 days ago, and she loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt she is going to be great in many things as she gets older. She's just amazing.
Other than that, our week went by as just any other week on a mission. Right now we're working on helping less-active members finding their way back. It's a journey for sure. Things are heating up a little in Vegas still and summer is on it's way. I hope I get to stay in this area for another transfer because I have really loved the Spanish Trail Young Single Adult ward. If I stay this, next transfer, I will have served just about my first year of my mission in two wards! Transfer calls come out this week and transfers are next Monday, so we'll see!

The things you find in the church library...

National Treasure reference. Get it?

To all, Keep the faith, Elder Cline

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