Monday, September 15, 2014

Sister Cline, Connie, and Y'all

So, I met Sister Cline in our ward this week! Funny story actually... so we went over at 8:30pm one night to her house because she hadn't answered at any other times during the other days we tried to visit. We woke her up but she was not unhappy to see us that late and she told us we could come over on a later day. I made sure to tell her that we might be related! So, we came over a day or two later and she let us in! Her daughter and son in law were there as well. It was just inspired by the Lord I got sent to this area! Anyways, she is a super awesome lady and it was so much fun meeting with her and their family. I told them we're practically family already. I hope to keep seeing them in the future.

In other news, Connie is getting baptized this Saturday, September 20th! She has quit smoking for 9-10 days already! It's been really tough on her but she says she is not going back. She's a new person! We had her baptismal interview on Sunday and the bishop announced her baptism at the pulpit. As long as she stays strong and keeps away from the cigarettes, there's nothing stopping her from being the newest member of the ward! We plan to meet with her every day this week until she is baptized. She's ecstatic and is ready to make a life change. I'm so proud of her!

Lastly, I've gotten a comment this week from a member of the ward I say "y'all" a lot. Just so my fellow Texans know, I ain't quitting saying y'all anytime soon!

Love Y'ALL! - Your friendly neighborhood Elder Cline

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