Monday, September 29, 2014


This week it rained really hard! Our apartment complex was hard to drive through and we saw cars half under water with all the rain we had. There was one appointment we went to that I was like "Ok, we'll get out and run to the door on the count of three. One, TWO, THREE!!! We jumped out of the car and got sopping wet within like 2 seconds! It was pretty bad. We were lucky they answered the door. I also got a couple "boo boo's" this week. We were playing football and my shoes were worse than just going barefoot. I ended up catching a 20 yard pass right in the beginning of the game but then as I was 5 feet away from the touchdown line with a guy running right behind me I slipped and my knee and hip hit the ground. I slid. I now have two huge cuts. It's okay though, even though I was dripping blood for a while without any bandages, I still played out the rest of the game! It was great... Still lots of improvements to be made in our ward but we're lighting up the place! Stay strong everybody! - Elder Cline

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