Monday, August 25, 2014

On Finishing the Book of Mormon

Hello everyone!

This week has been a blast. I've finished reading the B.O.M once on my mission! My favorite book is definitely Moroni. I like it because it summarizes up what needed to be mentioned before the full Apostasy began, and because it tells you the most important thing to know... what to do after you read the Book of Mormon... pray to know if it's true! I love it!

I also was able to get a haircut this week which looks "tough" apparently. We also got to help a lady change her tire this morning! A nail went through one of them and it went flat so we helped her fix it up. She asked us if she could pay us and we just told her we're here to help others. Community services are the best!

- Elder Cline

P.S. I forgot my camera cord again this week. It will be brought sooner or later!

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