Monday, August 18, 2014

Just a Snippet

This week, a short snippet of a letter from Elder Cline. He says he's spending lots of time responding to emails and may revert to blogging every other week. He thanks everyone for their emails and letters!!

We have baptismal dates set for two investigators! They're asking a lot of questions and it's great! I really hope they do end up getting baptized. Nothing much has occurred really. Lot's of busy work. I just got done through Helaman in the Book of Mormon! 115 pages left to go until I am done reading it once on my mission! Next I am going to start reading the New Testament. Not until this past week have I understood SO MUCH more about the Book of Mormon and even the Apostasy. We listened to a talk "Why 1820?" which explained so much about why there are different churches about. I recommend it.

Elder Cline's mom here... I'm attaching a link to the talk "Why 1820" which I found online as a pdf file. It's semi-lengthy, but a great read! Why 1820?

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the talk. It was a really interesting read and provides a lot of perspective on the history of the gospel from the time of Christ going forward.