Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 5 : Ride Bikes!

Hello everyone once again!

Vegas has welcomed us with a great sunny week, temperatures rising from where they were during Christmas time. We're enjoying the heat returning slowly, and the return of pedestrians back on the streets!

The mission in the Skye Canyon Stake is improving from last week and we have jumped up in the lessons we have been teaching. One part-member family we are teaching is one of our focuses, especially since I have had the privilege of knowing them for almost a year now. It was last March that I first met the mother of the family, and now that I am back in their ward, we really enjoy the time spent with them.

Speaking of being back in the same wards... Elder Snyder and I recieved our transfer calls on Saturday. We are staying together in the same area! This will be my 3rd transfer with Elder Snyder and my 5th in the same area. That means I will be here in the same area for at least 7 months, and with the same companion for 4 months. As of this next transfer which starts today, this is the area I spent the longest in at one time. Crazy! We've gotten to know pretty much the wards and the stake leaders really good now, so our goal as of this new transfer is to get to know who every single person is in the ward directories, whether they be Active, Less-Active, Part-Member, or Not Interested in the church. We're ready to hit the list! Our challenge for this week, Week 5 was: Go to the most fun part of your area and ride bikes there. Take pictures. It was pretty fun. We went to a park and one of the neighborhoods in our area and got to ride our bikes there. It wasn't bad, although the cold still hasn't died all the way down yet, so we were a little chilled by the end of the ride. Elder Snyder and I made the best of it still though, especially because this was Elder Snyder's first days of riding a bike on his mission. We didn't miss out on the opportunity!

Elders Snyder and Cline

Another interesting opportunity we got to participate in was helping out with quilts. We got a call from some other missionaries telling us that there was a service project going on close by that was in need of more hands. When we arrived at the front desk of the place, the front desk lady seemed shocked but happy to see us. She brought us in the room where we would help out, and we were surprised to see that of the about 30 people there, they were basically ALL ladies 65 years old and over. It was uncomfortable being there at first, probably because we all knew they were expecting SISTER missionaries, but after being thrown into the situation for a little while, they warmed up to us and welcomed us as another member of the huddle. All in all, they ended up being some pretty legit old ladies.

That's the report for this week. This next week for Week 6, the challenge will be Memorize D&C 4 and another Scripture.

Till then!

Stay true and faithful!

Elder Cline Nevada Las Vegas West

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