Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 10: Write an Elder a Valentines Day Letter Addressed from a Girl

February 15, 2016

Hope everyone had a great week! We did!

This week passed by in a flash. I think the main event that happened was being able to do service for an investigator of ours, Shanae! We love Shanae, she's awesome! We asked her last lesson if we could pull her weeds for her, and she accepted. We ended up having a trash bag, gloves, a rake, and two leaf blowers to help clean up the yard, and we made it look good! We were sure to take pictures afterwards. We also had a couple of other lessons with investigators and some with recent converts of the church.

I also tried to make a mini stratosphere made of soap recently before bed. It's turning out alright but still needs a little work. I'll show the progress as it goes closer to a finish.

This last Weeks Challenge for Week 10 was to Write an Elder a Valentines Day Letter Addressed from a Girl. We ended up getting it all finished and written and even got a legit looking stamp on it.... But... Unfortunately, we didn't see the reaction after we placed the letter. We're still waiting to see what happened. Oh well.

This new Challenge for Week 11 is "Send home Souvenirs From Your Mission to Your Family at Home".We'll see how that goes!

Thanks for all y'all do in helping others receive the restored gospel. Stay true and faithful!

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