Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thanksgiving in Vegas and the 24 Week Countdown

November 30th: Hello Family and Friends,

Another week in Vegas has now led me to my last 24 Weeks Countdown! For all who don't know, for my last 24 weeks, I have created a list of challenges and/or events to look forward to for each week before I have to leave for home. Each week is something different, and my goal is to complete them all in order I put them as. I will hopefully remember to put the new challenge or event down for the upcoming week at the bottom of the email each week. Let the games begin!

In other news, there's a bit to update on. Thanksgiving happened and we had 3 thanksgiving dinners to endure. We made it by the end of the night, but we were as full as a sack of potatoes... Glad that's over... But we had lots of fun.

After Thanksgiving, we went to go visit one of the members of our ward and we got to meet their family that was in town. One of them had asked me "Where are you from?", I said "Texas." They then said "Oh cool, what part?", I said "Houston", they said "WOAH, WHAT PART?!", I then said "Katy!". I was surprised to find out they had lived in Houston, Texas for a long period of time recently and knew quite a bit of people from Katy, Texas. They said they lived in Klein, Texas (however they spell it there). I mentioned how that was a coincidence of my last name, pointing to my name badge, when all of the sudden, someone in the corner of the room said "Do you know the Clines from Katy, Texas?!". I turned and looked to see a familiar face. The room became silent as everyone stared to see what was going on as my eyes got big, since I saw a familiar face from a long time ago. He looked at me and said "are you Stephen?", I replied "yeah!" And we gave each other a hug. The guy, Rees, had been to my house multiple times to hang out with us when him and his Best Friend Christian (who is now my sister's husband) knew my sister really well. So in essence, I saw my Brother-in-Laws best friend again. It was also pretty cool since this was the first time I met someone on my mission who knew me and my family from back home in Texas. We had caught them right before they were about to head back to Utah too. Coincidence? Maybe, but pretty legit!

We also have transfers today. Elder Snyder and I are staying together, but leaving the Valley Vista ward and entering the Skye Canyon ward as a part of a Stake Change. The SC ward is a split off from a previous ward I was in, so I get to see some more familiar faces this week. Excited!

Lastly, the sisters that came out with me in the MTC are leaving the mission field today, and going home tomorrow. We will be sure to take pictures with them. It is so weird to think I have served with them my whole mission, and now they are all leaving! It was a blast serving around them and knowing them.

Keep working hard and growing strong!

Week One's Challenge will be: Knock at Least 100 Doors in one day of the week!

Elder Cline Nevada Las Vegas West May 2014 - 2016

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