Monday, October 26, 2015

Top Notch New Elder

Once again, I bring great welcome to all who have survived another week on earth! Things in Vegas are looking up. I am training a new missionary once again! My new companion is Elder Snyder. He is from Vermont and he is a stud missionary! He's top notch, and I am sure he will continue to improve even more as he continues the next two years of his mission.
As a part of his first week, we had a lot of fun things that occurred. One, we worked our tails off! It was awesome and the weather was perfect for it. Two, we went to Mount Charleston and worked our tails off there as well! We took pictures and even found a mailbox with the last name "Snyder" posted on the mailbox. We knocked on their door, but they weren't home. We saw deer, the Library and the visiting center while talking to people on the way. Elder Snyder's first tracting experience was in Mount Charleston, and of course, it was a blast. He's a natural at talking to random people. It was chilly there, but it was great. Third, we had a "sacrifice saturday", in which our whole mission fasted and went out specifically to find new investigators the whole day. It was a success for us, and we got a lesson and return appointment with a family. Love it. We also took some great pictures along the way.

Everything went smooth and the weather is getting cooler. Can't wait for Halloween this week and the following holidays!

Happy holidays to all!

Elder Cline Nevada Las Vegas West May 2014 - 2016

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