Monday, August 3, 2015

Country Las Vegas!

Lots of new things to say, I'm excited to tell! I just left my ward and my companion last week, and I have 2 new companions in a new area! Elder Murphy and Elder Adams are my new companions because we're in a trio until Elder Murphy goes home in 2 weeks, the middle of the transfer. Elder Adams has been out for a little over 3 months so I will be his "polisher" or in other words, his second companion.

We're having lots of fun right now. We cover the Eagan Crest and Valley Vista wards in the Lone Mountain Stake. It's northern Las Vegas. There's a couple of cool things about this new area I am really enjoying.

One, lots of the people who live in our ward boundaries are in the "Piute Tribe", a type of American Indian tribe. We are teaching a couple people from the tribe.

Two, another thing is that it covers lots of dirt roads and the desert/country part of Las Vegas. I'm loving the new feel. I hope I stay in this area for a while.

Third, we're the only missionaries that cover Mount Charleston in our area because it's in our ward boundaries. We already went up there once to go check it out and see potential investigators. It was amazing and the sights are just a blast.

Keep the Faith!

Elder Cline

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