Monday, June 22, 2015

iPads and Ice Cream

Note from Steve's Mom: I'm a little behind posting but haven't received any more blogs since this one, just short emails since the Elders C are keeping busy with the work. The church is true!! Enjoy!

May 26th:

Good day everyone! Another great week in Vegas has gone by. This week has been a pretty great one with lots of new information in store. For one, I am pleased to announce that the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission has received Ipads and had them distributed to all of us earlier today. We are officially one of the few "test groups" for these new Ipads in the United States, and we look forward to using the for hastening the work of salvation from them. Right now, we are allowed to teach and share messages with the Ipads. After a couple weeks of testing out that part of the learning process, we will be able to use Facebook, Skype, and other resources to communicate with friends and family about the gospel. It's going to be a whole different world of missionary work here in Las Vegas, but definitely for the better!
Two, Elder Croysdale and I hit our year mark on May 21st! We celebrated by going out for ice cream and by lighting a couple candles on fire over small chocolate treats. It's been a great experience being on a mission so far and I can't believe we are over half-way done now. Lots of stories to be told.
Three, this week we were actually in a trio from Tuesday to Saturday with an Elder Stoker whose companion went home due to back injuries. For about 4 days we covered 3 wards in 2 different stakes (his ward was in Meadows). It was interesting but we worked hard to get things done. Elder Stoker is now with a new Elder so we are out of a trio again, and back to ourselves. That's really about it for this week. Like I said, lots of new things we are all excited about down here in Las Vegas. More updates and pictures in the coming weeks from our cameras and hopefully Ipads as well! Love Y'all! - Elder Cline

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