Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey Brothers!

Hello Again from Las Vegas! I thought i'd give an update on all the miracles that have happened this week! One, We had two baptisms this Saturday for Paige (9 years old) and Makiah Aviso (11 years old)! We just taught them all the investigator lessons and they were totally ready. They were actually getting their mother to come back to church by telling her "We love church! Why haven't we gone?" They're both amazing individuals and they both have a good heart! Elder Clapp got to baptize both of them and for the first time in my life I got to confirm both of them with the Holy Ghost which was also an amazing experience.
Two, we have another family that started investigating our church a while back. We were biking down a street in the dark and we were supposed to turn down a street but we didn't. I called to Elder Clapp and asked why we didn't turn. Right at that moment, still biking the wrong way, we heard: "Hey Brothers!" We looked around, couldn't see anybody and kept going. We then heard "Hey, we want to learn!" Our bikes came to a halt immediately. We saw who had called out to us and swerved our bikes around towards them. There was a man on the porch waiting for us there. When we got to his front gate, we soon found ourselves surrounded by their family of 8. We taught them the lesson and since we've had over 10 lessons with them. Once they solve legal complications, they want to be baptized. Not only that, one day when we were in our apartment they brought us over a BIG cart full of food for us! We still feel like we haven't repaid them enough for what they've done for us.
By the way, About a month ago we were 20 minutes early to our dinner appointment so we tracted on their street. Two houses down a lady opened her door and told us she was a Christian and had no intention of changing what she believed. A week ago we got a call from her... I can't tell the rest until next week but it's one of the most humbling experiences on my mission so far. Our area really has started to pick up, especially because since I have gotten Elder Clapp, we have gained about 10 new investigators! Speaking of our area, I leave today (Monday) and I am going to a ward in The Lakes zone! I am covering a singles ward with my 3rd companion, Elder Miller who is going home in 4 weeks. It's just crazy.
Love ya all and miss ya all! - Elder Cline

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